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Takeaways from an Econsultancy roundtable in Hong Kong

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How a German Footwear Manufacturer evolved their retail model to compete in the digital age

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In the aftermath of the Wayfair vs. South Dakota ruling, ecommerce businesses will be responsible for sales tax reporting and collection in states they sell to, regardless of physical presence. Let’s talk about economic nexus. Ugh, why should I care about Wayfair vs. South Dakota? Wayfair vs. South Dakota was a federal case heard by the Supreme Court of the United States in which SCOTUS ruled that it is within states’ constitutional rights to collect sales tax on out-of-state transactions carried out by online retailers. The 5-4 ruling dictated on June 21st, 2018 directly challenged and overturned the 1992 Quill vs. North Dakota case while simultaneously shifting the understanding of commerce clauses.

Until the June 21st SCOTUS ruling, nexus was historically determined by physical presence–but the age of ecommerce with its burst in online sales and technological advances outdated the 1992 decision…
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Get to know Carmen Bremen, Magento Certified Developer at

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Takeaways from the Econsultancy roundtable with Magento & eWave

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According to the results of a data analysis conducted by Adobe, 47% of technologically-mature agencies with fully-developed digital practices maintain a defined artificial intelligence strategy. Why should you?

Click here to read “Hey, Alexa: How Self-Driving Cars, Chatbots, and AI Tech Affect Your Ecommerce Future.”

This post originally appeared on the website of Creatuity Corp. as Hey, Alexa: How Self-Driving Cars, Chatbots, and AI Tech Affect Your Ecommerce Future. Please visit us at Creatuity.

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Featured extension from the Magento Marketplace Team

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Zephir is a programming language for building PHP extensions. As in, the .so files that extend the PHP language itself. Normally you need to use the C programming language to create a PHP extension, but Zephir is an intermediate language you can compile down to C code, (using the provided tooling). Its build system also automatically stitches everything together into a compilable/phpize-able extension. i.e. you say zephir build and you have a working extension. The docs are pretty good, although I ran into a few unmentioned gotchas while getting the hello world example up and running. You’ll need to install […]
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I just came back from an absolutely fantastic trip and conference of LaraCon in Chicago. Even though I no longer work daily with Laravel, I thought there were so many good sessions presented, and that going would benefit anyone having an interest in web development.

Caleb had a good session, Embracing the Backend, which used a sample twitter app to post a tweet and some tips and tricks around getting around complexity with VueJS. But I couldn't help be reminded of a past life of mine. About a decade ago I started developing a Point of Sales system for bars and nightclubs called Chanj POS. Here's our welcome video from quite a few years back, where you can see some of the user interface I created:

The POS system is no longer active, however we went through some pretty technological advancements at the time, one being that the entire POS system was developed as a…

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‘It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ (For Insights)

With consumers reveling in summers delight, the winter holidays have yet to register on their radar. For merchants, this is an ideal time to begin preparations for the busiest shopping season of the year. According to Adobe Analytics, the 2017 holiday season set a high-water mark: “Online shopping sales hit a record $108.2 billion this holiday season, a 14.7 percent increase from last year.”

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Get to know Óscar Recio, Magento Lead Developer at interactiv4

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This month we’re highlighting some popular extensions that’ll give you new ways to accelerate your business. How about helping you improve your SEO, allowing repeat customers to store their credit card information securely, connecting to a CRM, adding B2B functionality, or offering a charity donation option to your Magento store? The world of commerce is your oyster.

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How to make the most of peak days and keep the new customers they bring

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Sometimes one wrong line of code can break your site. In the following I will describe a mistake in a Magento 2 custom carrier implementation, which causes a massive overloading of server resources (CPU, RAM, DB processes) and even can cause an outage of your Magento store.

The one line of code

The following line of code is the reason for the problems, if used in the collectRates() method, or in methods, called from collectRates() in the Carrier class:

$quote = $this->checkoutSession->getQuote();

So, in other words, you must not obtain the quote object globally via the checkout session.

The reason

The method \Magento\Checkout\Model\Session::getQuote(), called for the first time, triggers loading the quote. If we then look at the method \Magento\Quote\Model\Quote::_afterLoad() :

/** * Trigger collect totals after loading, if required * * @return $this */ protected function _afterLoad() { //…
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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) has become a critical part of improving eCommerce site performance and marketing ROI

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In the open source community there is a special quote, that says:

“You are what you give“

And because of that we decided to give back an open source Magento2 module that integrates Flysystem to the Magento Community.

What is Flysystem?

Flysystem is a filesystem abstraction layer, that was developed by Frank de Jonge and is used in Laravel. It gives you an interface for many different filesystems e.g. AWS S3, Dropbox, SFTP, Rackspace, Memory and a lot more. With this layer you are able to swap out filesystems without application wide rewrites.

Why did we create the magento2 flysystem module?

More or less with every project you get to the state where the customer wants to upload media files. Then you have to create a SFTP-Account, tell the customer how to upload and later use the files inside Magento. Or the…