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Updated Magento Commerce policies and agreements meet GDPR standards

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Thanks to DSGVO some customers want to have a cookie notice:


Magento has this feature already built in. You can turn it on in the backend:

System > Configuration > General > Web > Session Cookie Management > Cookie Restriction Mode: YES

Beside this you can define what the customer sees in the CMS block: cookie_restriction_notice_block.

Magento can have the same cms block identifier for different stores. Unfortunately this doesn't work for this feature.

The reason is:

class Mage_Page_Block_Html_CookieNotice extends Mage_Core_Block_Template { public function getCookieRestrictionBlockContent() { $blockIdentifier = Mage::helper('core/cookie')->getCookieRestrictionNoticeCmsBlockIdentifier(); $block = Mage::getModel('cms/block')->load($…
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I imagine it’s a narrow sliver of folks who follow this site and don’t follow the trades, but just in case: Adobe is going to buy Magento Inc. Right now there’s the usual sound and fury you’d expect from the usual places — Magento’s relentlessly on-message machine isn’t slacking off just because their goal is in sight. The sale doesn’t feel like much of a surprise although the buyer’s thrown folks for a loop. Sit with it a moment though, and you realize Adobe 2018 is a lot like the game company Steam — they’re innovating less in what the […]
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„Flash ist zu unsicher und wird abgeschaltet“ – diese Nachricht ist seit einiger Zeit bekannt und nun merkt man es doch immer mehr. Zuerst musste man in Browsern aktiv erlauben, dass Flash für verwendet wird und nun gibt es darüber hinaus gehende Einschränkungen. Bekannt war das Problem mit Flash schon lange im Bereich des Bild-Uploades...
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This one came across my desk last week. Dangers of using a kitchen sink language I suppose.
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Adobe hat den E-Commerce-Software-Anbieter Magento geschluckt. Der Preis: 1,68 Milliarden Dollar. Damit bringt sich der Anbieter von Photoshop & Co. auf Augenhöhe mit Unternehmen wie Das Umsatzpotenzial beziffert Adobe auf rund 13 Milliarden Dollar. Adobe Systems Inc., die Softwareschmiede die unter Anderem hinter der Fotobearbeitungssoftware Photoshop und dem Acrobat PDF Reader steht kauft die […]

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Mark Lavelle shares his thoughts on the announcement.

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File strtime-js under “Things I’ll need to try the next time I’m working on a javascript project”. Its a javascript library that appears to do a lot of “hey here’s something that might be a date make it look like this”, similar to PHP’s built-in date function.
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Some seriously awesome updates from our Magento Cloud Team to help developers innovate faster

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  Am 25.05.2018 geht es los – die DS-GVO „geht live“. Der neue Wahnsinn und Stress pur für mehr oder weniger jeden, der im Internet eine Präsenz unterhält. Natürlich wird aktuell unglaublich viel Panik gemacht – denn mit Panik kann man gutes Geld verdienen. Selbstverständlich schauen auch wir an welchen Stellen was geändert sein muss....
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Merchants have focused personalization efforts on the browsing and transacting experience. But can they do more?

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For small businesses in the EU data protection may not be a top priority but the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been around since 2016 and will finally come into effect on the 25th May 2018. If you run a Magento eCommerce store here are some compliance issues you may what to consider implementing.

Move tracking code to Google Tag Manager

Visitors must give positive consent before their data is used. If you are tracking customer visits with third party tools such as Google Analytics, or customer service modules the user needs to “opt in” and give positive consent to permit you to use his data. By using Google Tag Manager you can load all your custom html and javascript tracking code after the user provides consent. Google Tag Manager applies your third party tacking code to all pages making it easier to implement changes.

Add a cookie consent toolbar

The GDPR wants you to clearly state what personal data if any you are…

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Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist is out there for a while and some of you may have already registered and are up to get more familiar with what to expect from the exam. However, some of you might still be wondering if it’s worth spending time on the preparation and test itself.

The certification

For me, Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist exam turned out to be a great experience not only because the certificate confirms that you are on top of things when it comes to Magento 2 and eCommerce knowledge but mainly because it is a great chance to make sure you know what Magento 2 has in store for merchants and developers. This way the solutions you offer are in line with the platform features and you do not reinvent a wheel. To be honest, it was a great boost from my understanding of the platform.

If you are new to Magento, the certification could also be a starting point to get to know the platform and gain some new knowledge. You can probably start…

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Das Vortragsprogramm des größten deutschen E-Commerce-Events mit Schwerpunkt Magento steht fest. Im Rahmen des Call for Papers wurden unzählige Themenvorschläge eingereicht – die Besten der Besten wurden nun ausgewählt. Nur noch 34 Tage bis zur #MM18DE Am 18. & 19. Juni 2018 findet die Meet Magento DE bereits zum 12. Mal statt. In der Kongresshalle […]

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How manufacturers or merchants who sell in larger quantities can grow with both B2C and B2B 

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Don’t panic.

Coretutils 8.25+ adds single quotes to filenames containing spaces  when listed with ls

ls -al
-rw-r–r– 1 root root 0 May 14 11:41 ‘file with spaces’

When you first see this you may think “WTF has happened to my files” – stay frosty :

  • It was introduced in coreutils v8.25, and alignment improved in v8.26
  • It only happens when outputting to terminals so doesn’t break scripts
  • It disambiguates the output for users for files containing whitespace
  • It sanitizes output so it is safe to copy and paste
  • Output is now always valid to copy and paste back to shell
  • you can get back to the old format by adding -N to the ls alias or set export QUOTING_STYLE=literal in your .bashrc

And relax – all is well…

Taken from…

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Always Use Ad Extensions

The importance of extensions and how they can increase your SERP (search engine results page) real estate and ad rank Different kinds of extensions – One size does not fit all

Google AdWords extensions have been around since November 2009 when Sitelinks were first introduced. Over the years, Google has introduced many more types of extensions to fit the needs of many business models. However, many companies are still not taking advantage of this free and extremely valuable tool in 2018.
Impact on Ad Rank and SERP’ real estate

You may wonder, why are extensions such a big deal? After all, they are “just” extensions. Some marketers may overlook the extension tab in AdWords when creating ads because the word “extension” has another entirely different meaning the web site world.…

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Trinkel joined Magento Commerce in 2014 and is the company’s Art Director, and she is the design powerhouse behind the visuals for Imagine 2018.

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Devilbox is another attempt to create an all-in-one PHP enviornment using Docker. This one caught my eye because it’s accuratly named.