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In unserer heutigen Zeit, in der das Internet allgegenwärtig ist und wir mehr Zeit am Tag online verbringen als in der realen Welt,  wird es zunehmend schwieriger, seine Daten und Systeme gegenüber Fremden abzusichern. Die meisten Systeme sind entweder sehr teuer, kompliziert zu bedienen oder nicht transparent genug. Mit Lynis haben wir ein Open Source Scanning Tool gefunden, dass nicht nur einfach in der Bedienung ist, sondern auch noch ein hervorragendes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis bietet. Wie Lynis funktioniert, wollen wir uns jetzt näher anschauen.

Lynis ist für alle Linux-Systeme und auf Unix-basierten Systemen verfügbar und das mit unterschiedlichem Programmumfang in den Varianten Free, Basic und Premium. Ab 20 Lizenzen ist auch eine Self-Hosted Version möglich.


Die Installation ist am einfachsten über das Command Line Interface des Linux Systems. Hierfür muss man einfach der Anleitung unter …

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This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Laravel Spark. This is the first post in the series. As Pulse Storm (the small boutique software consultancy I started and continue to operate) takes a half step back from ecommerce and shifts back into software systems consulting, I’ve found myself doing a lot of initial application prototyping/MVPs for both established businesses as well as less-technical entrepreneurs with a need for software. Laravel remains the best tool I’ve used for this sort of work. Most recently, I’ve been working on a project that started in Laravel Spark. Laravel Spark is […]
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Magento architect Anton Kril asked about opinions on XML based tests:

#magento twitter, what are your thoughts about writing tests in XML?

— Anton Kril (@AntonKril) 20. Juni 2017

My answer does not fit into a Tweet, so here’s a short blog post.

My first thought was “please no, there’s enough XML already”. But the explanation made me think.

Magento covers a scenario with test. Extension that modifies that scenario, also modifies its test with XML that is merged to original test

— Anton Kril (@AntonKril) 20. Juni 2017

Currently the core test suite does not have much value in custom projects, because the site specific settings, themes and modules…

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Three ways that merchants in the UK and surrounding countries can use their geography to their advantage

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A simple mailtrap extension for Magento 2. Mailtrap is a service that lets you point your development instances at an SMTP server that accepts mail, but doesn’t deliver it. Instead mailtrap collects all the mail in a single INBOX. If you’ve ever accidentally emailed an entire customer list with a subject line like

Subject: Testing, hope this s——t works.

you’ll instantly see the value.

The Magento extension is also a simple example of how to hook into the Magento\Framework\Mail\Transport class with a custom preference and change the behavior of the email system.

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As I started building Docker service container images for Magento 2 CE development I got interested in the concept of dynamic service load balancing on a single host. Having already created a dynamic load balancer using NGINX I wanted to do the same for Magento 2 using Varnish.

My Magento 2 service container images include REDIS services for the Magento session and system cache and a Varnish service for the full page cache. Varnish is an HTTP accelerator designed for content-heavy dynamic web sites and is the recommended full page cache system for Magento 2.

Magento 2 Docker Network

Varnish is configured via the Varnish Configuration Language (VCL) config file. By configuring…

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Sommer, Sonne, Urlaub – oder: Warum E-Mail-Marketing gerade jetzt genutzt werden sollte und es eben keine gute Idee ist, sich in puncto Newsletter und sonstiger E-Mail-Marketing-Aktivitäten eine Sommerpause zu gönnen. Doch was gibt es dabei zu beachten? Und wie können Onlinehändler mit angepasstem Newsletter und optimierten E-Mails sogar im Sommerloch neue Leads und Umsätze generieren?

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As MagentoLive UK 2017 approaches, Magento Solution Partner, Space 48, shares a free guide to London.

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PayPal Express Checkout provides a simple and secure payment method

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If you have plans to start a new website on Magento and don’t know where to start, or if you already have an existing website and you’re thinking of revamping it, then you might find this article interesting.

Creating Magento websites might seem as a simple process that includes installing and configuring Magento, choosing some of the predefined themes available, importing products and setting payment and shipping options.

However, there is more that meets the eye. The truth is, there will always be some additional things you’d like to improve on the purchased theme and custom functionalities you’d like to add on top of the default Magento, so something that might seem simple and straightforward at start can become more demanding and require a certain amount of planning.

Also, in many cases you won’t even be interested in a purchased theme and you would like your site to be unique and

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In der heutigen schnelllebigen digitalen Welt müssen Menschen an jedem Touchpoint angesprochen und begeistert werden, um neue Kunden zu gewinnen oder bestehende Kunden noch stärker zu binden. Wir stellen Ihnen fünf Best Practices vor, die Ihnen Trends und Ideen im E-Commerce liefern, um noch erfolgreicher zu werden.   Skihersteller will stationären Handel stärken   Skihersteller Elan

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After 9 years in business, Inchoo won The Golden Marten Award (Zlatna kuna), traditionally given to the most successful local companies by the Croatian Chamber of Economy. We received it as the best small company in Osijek-Baranja County. Why did we win it for 2016? There were 21 distinct areas that were rated and Inchoo had very high scores in employment increase, average salary, non-material assets, financial stability and self-funding.

Osijek-Baranja County

President of County department of Croatian Chamber of Economy, Zoran Kovačević, has noted that all awarded companies have very high export ratio in total income. Inchoo has 85% of exports. Total income of our County is growing last three years. And only in 2016, it grew by 11%.

Other results are also quite good. International exchange is growing. Last year it went over 5 billion Croatian Kuna (HRK). Investments in long term assest are booming with the rate of 40%, primarly in food and paper industry,…

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This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series Pestle. Earlier posts include Pestle 1.1.1 Released, Pestle 1.1.2 Released, Magento 2 Setup Migration Scripts, Pestle 1.2.1 Released, Sending Text Messages with PHP, pestle, and Nexmo, and Pestle 1.3 and AbstractModel UI Generation. This is the most recent post in the series. We interrupt this Modern Javascript series to let you know there’s a new release (v1.4.1) of pestle available. Pestle is both a simple PHP command line framework for sharing functions, as well as the world’s preeminent collection of Magento 2 code generation routines. It’s an integral part of […]
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Whilst building containers for Magento 2 I came across the docker compose scale command which allows you to easily duplicate and scale containers running a service in Docker.

For example if I have a web application service called php-apache

docker-compose scale php-apache=10

Will start another 9 containers running the php-apache service giving me 10 containers running the same php-apache web application service.

Of course if you want to have real resilience and load sharing Docker swarm is the solution so the question is, are there any benefits from scaling a service in mulitple containers on a single host?

Well, yes, because you can still load balance the traffic to your application and achieve a basic level of container resilience.

Scaled services will only work for applications that use private…

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Der B2B-Markt hinkt dem Umschwung in die digitale Transformation noch hinterher. Im B2C-Bereich längst Alltag, wächst nun aber auch der Anspruch der B2B-Einkäufer, getrieben durch das bequeme, medienbruchfreie B2C-Kauferlebnis. Der Start von Amazon Business in Europa und das damit verbundene Vordrängen von Online-B2B-Marktplätzen beschleunigt die Disruption der bestehenden B2B-Geschäftsmodelle.   B2B- vs. B2C-Online-Markt bald 2:1

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In Zeiten des Fachkräftemangels und Arbeitnehmermärkten zählt für Flagbit insbesondere die richtige Heranführung und Ausbildung des Nachwuchses. Das zeigt sich nicht nur an unseren neuen Auszubildenden, die jedes Jahr zu uns stoßen, sondern bereits an unseren Schülerpraktikanten. Um sie auf den Projektalltag eines Softwareentwicklers vorzubereiten, erhalten sie von uns immer kleine aber herausfordernde Projekte, die es in Eigenregie und natürlich mit erfahrener Unterstützung zu bewältigen gilt. So war auch Dalia Vukelja von der Balthasar-Neumann-Schule II in Bruchsal zwei Wochen bei uns und bekam die Aufgabe, ein Vier-Gewinnt-Spiel mit Vue.js zu programmieren. Sie hat einen kleinen Bericht dazu angefertigt, wie sie das Projekt angegangen und bearbeitet hat.

Vier-Gewinnt mit Vue.js

Am ersten Tag meines Praktikums bekam ich einen Rechner mit dem Betriebssystem Linux zugewiesen. Vorher hatte ich zwar noch nie mit Linux gearbeitet, aber das war eigentlich kein…

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Hi everyone,

after our last release before Magento Imagine 2017 we are back again with a new release for you guys.
The new release contains one new command and some ports of n98-magerun1 features to existing n98-magerun2 commands.
Also we fixed some bugs related to the DB logic or improved the developer console.

New Command index:trigger:recreate

The new command is handy to recreate triggers on the fly. If you are not familiar with the new index logic: If you change the index mode of an indexer in Magento 2 the system will create DB triggers on the fly.
If one of the “mview.xml” files is changed the triggers should be regenerated. Why do we need this command? With this command you can force to regenerate the triggers during develpment. It is not needed to wait for a cronjob which triggers the regeneration. Also there are some…

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Wir freuen uns sehr: Magento ist – spätestens seit Gartner seine Leader-Position bestätigt hat – in der Champions League der weltweiten Plattformen für den digitalen Handel angekommen. Damit spielt Magento nun in der gleichen Klasse wie die Global Player IBM Watson, Intershop und SAP Hybris. Was alle Plattformen laut Gartner als Spitzenreiter auszeichnet, ist ihre

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A typical online store cannot manage properly without search engine optimization. On-page optimization should never be neglected in favor of affiliate links and citations (off-page optimization). The biggest advantage of on-page optimization is that it is something you can fully control and manage.

Magento 1.X is not as perfect as it could be regarding SEO. Many pitfalls weren’t taken into consideration at all. The users needed something more professional, stable, and flexible. That’s how Magento 2 appeared. The second version of Magento drastically differs from the first one. The developers have taken into account previous…