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Magento Commerce recognizes the creativity and innovation of the most successful people in our ecosystem

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Layouts play a major roll in Magento. This roll is well known from Magento 1x layout approach. With Magento 2 couple of things are changed and improved. Really, we finally have on our disposal useful layout manipulation options.

Layout basics

If you are here just for example and you already familiar with Magento 2 Layout, skip it this section.

Layout is a page structure, represented by elements hierarchy, which can be: blocks and containers.
Technically, layout is defined in the .xml files. Files which contain element declarations and different manipulation instructions.

Module and theme layout files

Magento 2 layouts are provided by different application components. We can split them in two major groups Base layout and Theme layout. Let us mention main difference between them.

Base layouts

This Layout files are provided by modules. We can find page configuration and generic layout files on this path:

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Wenn das E-Commerce Projekt gelingen soll und das Unternehmen vom Schritt in die Digitalisierung wirklich profitieren will, muss das Projekt auch die nötige organisatorische Unterstützung erhalten. Genauer gesagt: Die Bedeutung muss sich in klaren Verantwortlichkeiten im Unternehmen widerspiegeln. Am sinnvollsten ist es – gerade bei größeren, ambitionierten Projekten –, wenn das Betreiber-Unternehmen ein dediziertes E-Commerce

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First, let’s state the problem we’re going to examine In a secure unix enviornment, the web server’s user unix account and the unix user account created for command line access (for deploying code and running command line tasks) should (for security reasons) be different. This, in turn, means PHP code that runs in one context (web) will creates files or directories that may not be readable or writable in other directories This is a persistent problem for web developers of all stripes, but PHP developers feel it harder than most. Because of PHP’s success, there’s a massive enviornment of inexpensive […]
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Der B2B E-Commerce steht nach wie vor ganz am Anfang, und es gibt noch viel verstecktes Potenzial. Diese Erkenntnis geht aus dem zweimonatlich erscheinenden B2B E-Commerce Konjunkturindex (eine Initiative der IntelliShop AG in Zusammenarbeit mit dem ECC Köln) hervor: Die Stimmung ist optimistisch, und die Händler rechnen mit einem kontinuierlichen Wachstum. Wenn Sie die folgenden

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With CE 1.9 Magento introduced the SASS stylesheet language to aid frontend development. With Magento 2.x for reasons best known to the developers they switched from SASS to LESS. At the end of the day both LESS and SASS are compiled into good old CSS but if your stylesheet language of preference is SASS or you are new to Magento and are looking for a good starting block to build a new theme from then it is well worth taking a look at SnowDogApps theme blank sass project.

The Less to Sass Community Project is officially supported by Magento and Theme Blank SASS is the result of this project – a (production ready) Magento 2 blank theme converted to SASS.


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I was talking to Sherrie Rohde, our friend and community manager, about her work which includes the Magento Master programme. A fantastic initiative to highlight and engage with those in the community that contribute substantially to it. And it got me thinking, how big is our community and what counts as an active community?
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Did you miss out on London? Here are the six things you need to know.

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MagentoLive in London bedeutet wieder einmal News von Magento, Networking und neue Inspirationen!     Die Magento Imagine ist gerade mal wenige Wochen her, da gibt es auf der MagentoLive keine großen Neuigkeiten – könnte man denken. Aber dann dropt Magento das Mikro: Magento und Google arbeiten nun zusammen!   Progressive Web Apps Um genau

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How Shinola and DOMU streamlined their payment experiences

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Every store owner knows how important blogging is for his eCommerce. It’s a perfect opportunity to attract a broader audience that might not have a clear buying intent at the moment, but that will certainly come back to you after learning something useful from your blog. However, if your articles are low quality, non-informative and just there to fill out the blank space – you’re not using the full potential of the blog section on your site. To avoid frustration with articles that don’t get any attention, we’re bringing you blogging tips for merchants, that can help you boost your eCommerce website’s online reputation.

1. Tailor your content to your targeted audience

It sounds pretty obvious, right? But it isn’t as easy as it seems. To tailor your content to your targeted audience, the first thing you should do is to explore the needs of…

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Tips and must-attend sessions 

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Bevor ein Unternehmen den Weg ins Netz beschreitet und einen Dienstleister damit beauftragt, die eigene E-Commerce Plattform zu schaffen, muss natürlich geklärt sein, welche Ziele das Unternehmen mit seinem E-Commerce Projekt genau verfolgt. Vor der Umsetzung muss die Definition der Anforderungen stehen. Wen soll der Shop überhaupt adressieren, und welche Anforderungen ergeben sich daraus? Ein

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Eleven merchants sharing their expertise in London

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Rico Neitzel told me back in the days, that during Magento updates files gets deleted, therefore it is a bad idea, therefore you want to run a patch (not the ones from Magento, but a patch between the versions) over your Magento installation.

After fiddeling around for a while it is a good idea to document, what I have just done (I updated from to

  1. Get a trusted git repository with all Magento versions you need, I can recommend
  2. Clone it

    git clone
  3. Make sure your current installation is free of core hacks and all files exists which might get patched

    magento-mirror$ git checkout production$ rsync --progress -v -r ../magento-mirror/* .
  4. You might have now too much files - either you have them already…

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Installing Magento 2 in a development environment can be time consuming. This is my Magento 2 development deployment for Docker which can be used to quickly create a new Magento 2 CE environment, or switch between persistent development environment volumes.

Features Requirements
  • Host server with min 2GB RAM
  • Docker Engine
  • Docker Compose 3.1
Base Images / Source
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Looking at the old articles on our website that long for a rewrite, I sometimes stumble upon a gem that can be useful. This is a rewrite of the article originally written for Magento 1 – Managing navigation links in the account dashboard

In this article I’ll demonstrate how to manage navigation links in your customer’s account dashboard.

Step 1

First of all, you need a create customer_account.xml in your theme in:

app/design/frontend/_YOUR_VENDOR_/_YOUR_THEME_/Magento_Customer/layout/customer_account.xml Add a Custom Link

All we need to do is add this code to our layout xml file:

<referenceBlock name="customer_account_navigation"> <block class="Magento\Framework\View\Element\Html\Link\Current" name="customer-account-navigation-custom-link" after="-" > <arguments…
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Magento bietet diverse Möglichkeiten, um Funktionen und Inhalte vor bestimmten Kunden / -gruppen zu verstecken oder nur bestimmten Kunden anzuzeigen. So können (mit oder ohne Extensions) Versand- oder Zahlarten nur definierten Kundengruppen zugänglich gemacht werden. Es können Preise je Kundengruppe … Weiterlesen →
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Als Hersteller hochwertiger E-Bikes legt Riese & Müller besonderen Wert auf reibungslose Online-Bestellprozesse. Darum hat das Unternehmen nach der Digitalisierung seines Preorder-Tools im letzten Jahr nun auch sein Händlerportal von netz98 generalüberholen lassen. Jetzt laufen alle Bestellungen „wie geschmiert“: das neue Händlerportal kann mehr als 1,2 Millionen Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten in Echtzeit abbilden und informiert über aktuelle

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