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Die Meet Magento DE bietet die Gelegenheit, sich mit Fachexperten und Entscheidern zu den wichtigsten Themen im E-Commerce- und Magento-Business auszutauschen. In über 40 Vorträgen und Workshops vier verschiedener Themenbereiche/Tracks kann man sein Know-How zu den neuesten Trends erweitern und sich von den Keyplayern der Szene inspirieren lassen. Vier Haupt-Tracks Für die MM18DE wird das […]

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Watch this video to learn more about who is speaking at Imagine 2018

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Magento Commerce und Open Source 2.2.3, 2.1.12 und 2.0.18 enthalten mehrere Sicherheitsverbesserungen, die Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), authentifizierte Remotecodeausführung (RCE) von Admin-Benutzern und andere Sicherheitslücken schließen. Die Releases enthalten zusätzliche funktionale Fixes. Um mehr über die funktionalen Fixes zu erfahren, lesen Sie bitte Release Notes für Magento Commerce 2.0.18, 2.1.12, 2.2.3 und Magento Open Source 2.0.18, […]

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Thoughts from women speakers who inspire us

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When developers told us that certain process flow and usability issues were stopping them from submitting extensions to Magento Marketplace, we listened

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 Founder and CEO of the Dallas-based eCommerce agency Creatuity, and a Magento Master with a black belt in innovation

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How to Build a Theme in Magento 2

When building a custom theme for Magento, it’s important to follow best practices for how the system is designed to be extended. Magento 2’s frontend is significantly different than that of Magento 1, so even for seasoned Magento developers, there are plenty of things worth noting.
This article is not an exhaustive step-by-step guide to frontend customization. It’s primarily meant to outline the basics for how the system is structured and how to best extend it, as well as to serve as a reference for various theme topics. In general, Magento’s official DevDocs are a good resource for specific tasks.

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Quite often Magento developers face a problem with accessing custom attributes during product collection loading. For example, when you try to get a product from a quote or a wishlist item. As the result, we’ve noticed some interesting workarounds to bypass the problem and to access the attribute value at any price, like repetitive product loading etc. However, there is a proper way to make these attributes accessible. We would like to tell more about it.

As you know from Magento 1 – custom attributes are not loaded by default when you work with a quote. There is a simple way of accessing a custom attribute on checkout/cart. Magento 2 uses a similar approach which is even more flexible and extensive.

Let’s create a simple module which provides a custom product attribute with product_brand code. The install script for the new…

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Congratulations to the winners, to the nominees, and to everyone who participated 

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A new security patch SUPEE-10570 for Magento 1 was released on Feb 27th 2018. It is affecting ~60 files of Magento Open Source (Community Edition) and ~90 of Magento Commerce (Enterprise edition). Let’s review what actual changes and improvements are behind those files.

1. Store name vulnerability

Most of the changes are related to the ability to inject some malicious code into a Store, a Website or a Store group name. These names are used on the numerous admin pages, as most of the entities are somehow bound to the Store or Website. So all of the admin grid columns and store selectors on the admin forms were supplied with HTML escaping. The list of changes is pretty big and consists of:

  • Any admin grid store column renderer;
  • Any admin form store selection field;
  • Product grid;
  • Order grid;
  • Order info page;
  • Store edit form;
  • Assigned tags products grid;
  • Magento Connect store switcher;…
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 Founder of the Slovakia-based eCommerce agency, Atwix

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2017 has truly been the year of Community Engineering for Magento. For many years we’ve been hearing voices from the Magento community on how great would it be if we were allowed to work on fixing bugs and improving Magento core code… And now we’re living this dream. Moreover, this dream already delivers: 24% of the code shipped by Magento in 2017 came from the community. And all this came from 511 unique contributors. Impressive, isn’t it? And what’s helped the success?

In my opinion, a big part of the Magento Community Engineering triumph came from the Contribution Day events. Those events mainly took place in a number of European cities, featuring Ukraine as a record-setting country, having had at least 4 of them, including the one we’ve hosted at our Khmelnytskyi office back in November during the…

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Traditional buyer journey was quite predictable. It used to have clear cuts which most customers followed – you could actually draw a linear line in between their needs and final conversions. From awareness stage, to consideration and final decision all they needed was information.

The rise of the internet completely transformed entire buyer journey, creating research driven individuals who have a completely non-linear and unpredictable path to you. Suddenly the fact that there are no information about your business or that your products can’t be ordered online makes much difference for a massive part of buyers – online shoppers. After everything we learned about how people interact with internet before finally making that buying decision, it’s almost business suicide for any retailer not to sell online.

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Die Magento-Community in Europa und dem Nahen Osten wächst schnell. Wie Mark Lavelle, CEO von Magento, in seinem kürzlich erschienenen Beitrag „Building on a Record“ schrieb: „Es gab noch nie einen größeren Wunsch der Community, sich miteinander auszutauschen, gemeinsam zu lernen und zusammenzuarbeiten, um Magento besser zu machen.“ Magento hilft effektivere Events zu planen Magento […]

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Sonja Riesterer is a certified Magento Master and marketing manager at the German agency integer_net. She is also a talented ballroom dancer.

What’s the Magento community like in Germany?
It’s exciting! There’s finally some movement to upgrade to Magento Commerce 2. Germans don’t usually adapt to new things easily, or change our way of working very quickly. Now people are finally ready to tackle it. There’s a lot of meetups and events going on.

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Magento Commerce teams up with fraud-protection partner Signifyd

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Experts from Gorilla Group, Mobify, and Magento weigh in

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Get your submissions in for Round #2!

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How PHP Runs a Program:

When I found the PHP Internals site a few months back, I noticed there was a small credit at the bottom. Built by Thomas Punt & Liam Mann Some Googling showed that Thomas Punt had written this How PHP Executes — from Source Code to Render article for sitepoint. While the article was accurate, like a lot of pro internet content it was a breezy, high level read that didn’t set out to get into the specifics of how all these systems worked. Fortunatly, my Where’s the php-src/PHP-Internals Main Entry Point question over on Stack Overflow got a great response […]