geschrieben von Zelimir Gusak
am 23. Oktober 2017 - 15:36

The whole of September has been rather hectic, so we barely realized that the date of Meet Magento Greece conference has approached. So my colleague Adrian and my self needed to plan and prepare everything, and start packing fast. Our office manager Nandino set us up with the accommodation in Athens and flight tickets and we were good to go.

A 2-hour ride to Belgrade was the first part of our trip and was actually rather pleasant. No hassles at the border and we were safely delivered to Nikola Tesla airport by our office master Nandino. After going through all the checks, we boarded the plane and in an hour and a half we were in Greece. Metro took us from the airport to the center of Athens.

When we got off the Metro, the first thing that struck us was the climate. Even though the actual temperature is not a lot higher than in Croatia, the proximity of the see is giving it that mild Mediterranean feel. I am guessing it…

geschrieben von Elizabeth Van Dyke
am 20. Oktober 2017 - 0:50

It’s time to collaborate on a consistently-branded holiday shopping experience

geschrieben von Elizabeth Van Dyke
am 19. Oktober 2017 - 3:10

How Ikea embraced thinking outside of the box

geschrieben von Fabian Schmengler
am 18. Oktober 2017 - 13:38

If you are interested in Software Testing and/or Magento development, the most interesting event of the year is approaching: MageTestFest in Amerfoort (NL)!

  • Nov 15: Workshop PHPUnit (Sebastian Bergmann)
  • Nov 16: Workshop DDD (Mathias Verraes)
  • Nov 17: Conference Day (Agenda)
  • Nov 18: Magento Contribution Day (Hackathon)

There will be two workshops (PHPUnit and DDD) and one conference day, where I am honored to be part of the speaker lineup next to big names like Sebastian Bergmann.

For MageTestFest, I am preparing a brand new talk, “Dealing with Test Fatigue”. There I am going to share frustrations that I experienced with testing and how to overcome them. You will learn how to make testing fun again, especially in the context of Magento. It would be great to see a big audience and have…

geschrieben von Domagoj Potkoc
am 18. Oktober 2017 - 11:29

There are eCommerce stores which sell a wide variety of products like food, personal care, electronics, and so on. On those stores, visitors want to be able to search by a specific category. This can be achieved by adding a new feature: search by department or category. In this quick tutorial I will explain the base concept of how to do it using Solr search engine as an example.

Assuming you already use Solr search server on your eCommerce site, first step should be checking if there is a category_ids field in Solr index. Category_ids should exist in Solr index in order to be able to filter by category_id.

To check if the field exists, call this url: http://localhost:8983/solr/collection1/select?q=*%3A*&wt=json&indent=true.

You can see category_ids in the response below:

geschrieben von Chris Nanninga
am 17. Oktober 2017 - 22:30

A Look at CSS and Less in Magento 2

Magento 2 leverages the enormous power of CSS pre-processing (via Less) to make theme customization intuitive and easily maintainable through features like variables, mixins, and imports. Less compilation is a fundamental part of M2’s static content deployment and development tools, streamlining the theming process and ensuring that frontend developers can focus on their code, not compiling their final CSS.

The conventions and structures the native Less implementation use are smartly architected and designed to allow flexible and unobtrusive customizations. But along with the power comes the simple fact that there are many different ways to skin a given problem, and some techniques are better than others. If you spend a great…

geschrieben von Elizabeth Van Dyke
am 17. Oktober 2017 - 21:32

Use caching, load balancing, and order processing to protect your site from the “thundering herd”

geschrieben von Christian Münch
am 17. Oktober 2017 - 18:26

After we published the 100. Feature Release for the Magento 1 version we also provide a new version for Magento 2.

Renamed Config Commands

Magento 2.2 comes with a new config:set command. This conflicts with the n98-magerun2 config:set command. We decided to rename our command to be compatible with Magento 2.2. The commands have a new namespace.

As in a previous post announced, we deliver a major break in this new version. That’s why we increase the major version number to 2.

config:set -> config:store:set
config:get -> config:store:get
config:delete -> config:store:delete

Magento 2.2 Compatibility

Magento 2.2 comes with updated 3rd party dependencies. This means that n98-magerun2 has to deal with old dependencies for old and new dependencies, because we deliver one phar file for every store.

One of the main issues was the new…

geschrieben von Marko Brisevac
am 17. Oktober 2017 - 12:43

The buzz these days is all about design systems, but design system by itself is not enough to ensure consistency through all designs. When working with design systems, the main challenges are ongoing maintenance and informing everyone about the changes.

For a long time, there wasn’t a thorough solution for designers who design in Sketch which would provide easy access to the latest styles and propagate changed assets to team members. Yeah, we had the ability to share symbols via plugins for a while (Craft’s Library), but there were too many problems, and sharing library is too important to rely on a third-party plugin.

Welcome Sketch Libraries

Sketch just made public the Sketch 47, and we finally have a document with symbols which can be used across other documents, so let’s see how to use libraries in Sketch.

1. Create a Sketch document with at least one symbol and save your document in Dropbox, Box, Sync or…

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am 17. Oktober 2017 - 1:19

Now is the time for technology providers and merchants alike to seize the opportunity

geschrieben von Christian Münch
am 16. Oktober 2017 - 17:49

Yes, you read right. We published our 100. release containing new features!
After the first release on 1. August 2012 we constantly published new commands, improvements and bugfixes for you – the Magento Community.

With a very small set of commands we started this project.

Today we ship 124 commands within the n98-magerun.phar file. The file size of the n98-magerun.phar file grows from ~127 KByte to 4,6 MByte.
The first release was not extendable. No module or plugin system was available. Today we have a log of agencies, hosting companies which are very happy with programming interface. An incomplete list of 3rd party extensions related to n98-magerun can be found…

geschrieben von ehansen
am 12. Oktober 2017 - 19:04

At, Munchkin’s Jonathan Bradbury revealed the baby lifestyle brand’s digital strategy for success

geschrieben von Dunja Vorkapic
am 12. Oktober 2017 - 14:33

We are happy to anounce 4 Inchooers will be attending this year’s Meet Magento Romania – a two-day conference that will be held in beautiful Cluj, the unofficial capital of Transylvania, on 16th and 17th October. Our delegates Ivana, Andreja, Ivan and Goran (who we’re proud to present as a speaker) are excited because this is their first Magento event.

Regardless of the expertise, each attendee will be able to choose among various lectures. Agenda consists of the Main/Development and Business track, and covers interesting topics from technical guidelines, security, community and future of Magento to business aspects of eCommerce such as legal challenges and digital marketing.…

geschrieben von Elizabeth Van Dyke
am 11. Oktober 2017 - 18:54

How merchants and businesses are delighting customers with content

geschrieben von Elizabeth Van Dyke
am 9. Oktober 2017 - 22:50

Here are the leading Solution Partner contributors for the first round

geschrieben von Ashlee Colliver
am 9. Oktober 2017 - 22:02

 Did You Get It Right on Your Magento Site?

A few weeks ago, a llama posed a seemingly simple question: “Does anyone know the details of canonical URLs and pagination?”. But here’s the thing about llamas – we don’t do well with non-definitive answers. Thus began the digging and twists and turns into the rabbit hole of canonical tags and Magento’s native capabilities.

Here is what we know to be true:

Canonical Tags

With a site full of content, products, and categories, it’s pretty common for the same content to be on multiple URLs. That’s where Canonical Tags (rel=”canonical”) come in.  This tag tells Google what your preferred URL is so that search results will be more likely to show that URL in SERPs. Without using canonical tags in these instances, you can…

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am 9. Oktober 2017 - 4:20
The answer seems to be Yes, if you’re dealing with systems with a large number of stores or categories.
geschrieben von ehansen
am 6. Oktober 2017 - 23:12

The deadline to submit your Imagine 2018 speaking proposal is Friday, October 13