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am 17. Oktober 2017 - 21:32

Use caching, load balancing, and order processing to protect your site from the “thundering herd”

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am 17. Oktober 2017 - 18:26

After we published the 100. Feature Release for the Magento 1 version we also provide a new version for Magento 2.

Renamed Config Commands

Magento 2.2 comes with a new config:set command. This conflicts with the n98-magerun2 config:set command. We decided to rename our command to be compatible with Magento 2.2. The commands have a new namespace.

As in a previous post announced, we deliver a major break in this new version. That’s why we increase the major version number to 2.

config:set -> config:store:set
config:get -> config:store:get
config:delete -> config:store:delete

Magento 2.2 Compatibility

Magento 2.2 comes with updated 3rd party dependencies. This means that n98-magerun2 has to deal with old dependencies for old and new dependencies, because we deliver one phar file for every store.

One of the main issues was the new…

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Now is the time for technology providers and merchants alike to seize the opportunity

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am 16. Oktober 2017 - 17:49

Yes, you read right. We published our 100. release containing new features!
After the first release on 1. August 2012 we constantly published new commands, improvements and bugfixes for you – the Magento Community.

With a very small set of commands we started this project.

Today we ship 124 commands within the n98-magerun.phar file. The file size of the n98-magerun.phar file grows from ~127 KByte to 4,6 MByte.
The first release was not extendable. No module or plugin system was available. Today we have a log of agencies, hosting companies which are very happy with programming interface. An incomplete list of 3rd party extensions related to n98-magerun can be found…

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At, Munchkin’s Jonathan Bradbury revealed the baby lifestyle brand’s digital strategy for success

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How merchants and businesses are delighting customers with content

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Here are the leading Solution Partner contributors for the first round

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 Did You Get It Right on Your Magento Site?

A few weeks ago, a llama posed a seemingly simple question: “Does anyone know the details of canonical URLs and pagination?”. But here’s the thing about llamas – we don’t do well with non-definitive answers. Thus began the digging and twists and turns into the rabbit hole of canonical tags and Magento’s native capabilities.

Here is what we know to be true:

Canonical Tags

With a site full of content, products, and categories, it’s pretty common for the same content to be on multiple URLs. That’s where Canonical Tags (rel=”canonical”) come in.  This tag tells Google what your preferred URL is so that search results will be more likely to show that URL in SERPs. Without using canonical tags in these instances, you can…

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The deadline to submit your Imagine 2018 speaking proposal is Friday, October 13

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Get to market fast with the Magento Commerce Cloud and powerful built-in B2B functionality

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Contribute to Magento Commerce 2.2 and earn a limited edition T-shirt

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A short review of the Magento Stammtisch Meetup Berlin at September 2017.
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At, Marc Lore revealed how Walmart plans to stay ahead

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At, Disney’s VP of Technology just revealed the role of AI and machine learning at the company

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Taco expert Scott Porter of @Searchfortheperfecttaco gives you the guided tour.

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Jenna Fallon loves the great outdoors, and she loves building winning customer experiences. As the eCommerce Director for Yakima, the world’s leading retailer of car racks, Jenna has found her dream job. When she’s not behind a computer screen, you can find Jenna paddle-boarding with her two children across Oregon’s Willamette River or Lake Oswego. But this isn’t just leisure-time, it’s consumer experience development: Jenna­ attached a Yakima roof rack to her own Honda Pilot SUV, and says the experience inspired her to add ‘set-up time’ to every product description.

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Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with the Magento Community

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Heading to 2017? We’re locals. Check out our favorite spots