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Insights from a Magento Community Initiative

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Don’t let out-of-stocks, overstocks, and preventable returns ruin your peak season performance.

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In diesem Jahr hat Adobe zum ersten Mal zur Magento Live Europe 2018 in Barcelona eingeladen. Dieser Einladung bin ich gefolgt und möchte an dieser Stelle einen kurzen Abriss über die wichtigsten Themen geben, die während der Konferenz diskutiert wurden. Ich war primär auf der Magento Live Europe, um mir ein Bild von der Zukunft Magentos zu machen, hat doch die Übernahme von Adobe stark an der Strategie und zukünftigen Ausrichtung von Magento gerüttelt. Oder um es mit klaren Worten zu sagen: Das gesamte Magento Universum weiß aktuell nicht, wohin die Reise mit Adobe geht. Und auch wenn keine Panik herrscht, so gibt es doch sehr viele Fragezeichen. Genau um diese Fragezeichen ging es bei meinem Besuch in Barcelona.

Magento 2.3 kommt Ende 2018 / Anfang 2019

Fast beiläufig wurde ein halbwegs genaues Veröffentlichungsdatum für Magento 2.3 verkündet. Bei der nächsten Version von Magento handelt es sich um die logische Weiterentwicklung des Shopsystems, die aber meiner Meinung…

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Check out the coolest moments from Barcelona

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Last month I and Jonathan from Corra participated in the M2 Developer Plus certification workshop which happened in London. The goal of this new certification is to test the developers’ […]

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What if there was a technology that allowed you to contact potential buyers as they strolled by your place of business. Read about Beacon Technology, Proximity marketing, and eCommerce. Stay one step ahead of the growing competition.

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Llamas and the Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative

The Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative has kicked off and Classy Llama is participating! The Magento Community has come together to create and test multiple conversion optimization experiments. The findings of this initiative are both well-timed and helpful for merchants preparing for the holiday season.

So far, this Magento Community initiative has discovered some interesting patterns:

  • Adding a Security Icon to the Checkout Button created 17.37% lift in Revenue Per Visit (RPV)
  • Auto-selecting the credit card type created a 21.53% lift in RPV
  • Adding the PayPal Express Checkout shortcut created an 8.72% lift in RPV in the mini-cart…
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If we’ve learned anything from Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s past, it’s that retailers need to be proactive to counter the holiday shopping dominance of eCommerce giants like Amazon.

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I just updated my example Magento 2 travis build file to work with the newer versions of M2 coming out of GitHub. This file does the heavy lifting of cloning an M2 Magento repo, running the installer, and adding the composer module you want to test to the project. Travis remains one of those how is this free wonders for anyone doing software development today.
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am 13. Oktober 2018 - 21:29

Second release this week. After the M1 version, we release also a new version for Magento 2.

  • Add CE 2.2.6 and 2.1.15 (by Bono de Visser)
  • Add CE 2.1.14, 2.2.5 (by Marc)
  • Add to the stripped db dump command the dotmailer group with email sensitive data (by Calin Dumitrescu)
  • Additional enterprise-only tables missing from the table group configuration (by Matthew O’Loughlin)
  • Emulation-Mode not needed after set current area. This resolves #245 on empty cache (by Julian Wundrak)
  • Homebrew php tap is deprecated (by Anton Evers)
  • Updated docs (by kolaente)
  • Implemented option to create git friendly dumps / resolves #386 (by kolaente)
  • Update readme with dotmailer group (by Calin Dumitrescu)
  • Update README (by Daniël van der Linden)
  • Strip company_* tables for the Commerce B2B extension when using @customers (by Daniël van der Linden)
  • Update readme.rst (by Leandro F. L)…
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Magento has long held a tradition of recognizing the leaders and visionaries of global commerce. We are proud to announce our recently rebranded Commerce Ace Awards.

A Commerce Ace is an individual leader who creates a unique vision and delivers pure commerce excellence. An Ace forges great teams and turns the individuals on those teams into Aces in their own right.

Delivered at our very first MagentoLive Europe, the Commerce Ace Awards recognize leadership across industries serving the needs of consumers and businesses.

Commerce Leaders: B2C

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Forrester’s Michelle Beeson took to the stage at MagentoLive Europe on Wednesday to reveal the research company’s latest findings on digital transformation. Michelle’s research covers digital commerce and how technology impacts the way organizations engage with customers. Here are the five key takeaways from her keynote:

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We’re actively exploring ways to deepen our commitment to open source, both in what we use and in what we contribute

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Community-driven project with PayPal, HiConversion and 15 system integrators tackles the mCommerce gap

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Empowering Magento merchants to create high quality, consistent product content that drives engagement and maximizes conversions

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Addresses Merchants’ Biggest Payments Challenges: Improved Conversions, Cash Flow Management, and Fraud Guarantee.

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The latest release of the Magento platform makes available powerful new tools designed to enhance the developer experience.

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Empowering Merchants to Seamlessly acquire, engage, and convert customers across Amazon Marketplaces and the Google Network

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Latest release of Magento Commerce to deliver best-in-class B2C and B2B shopping experiences that accelerate sales

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Empowering Magento brands to drive growth through reviews, visual marketing, loyalty, and referrals