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If you need to change the appearance of your application, or just insert some specific data – you have a few ways to do it. The most popular method is to use native Symfony ways. You can overwrite a part of the logic from a bundle and replace a template with it. You can also overwrite a template by creating a similar template in the app/Resource… Another way is adding extra code to the native template, but it is a really bad practice, so try to avoid it.

Fortunately we have a UI bundle in OroCRM. The UiBundle in OroCRM is very flexible. In this post we want to show you how you can add your own data blocks to the appearance of your application without overwriting any view.

In order to add data blocks to OroCRM application we can use “placeholders”. Placeholders can be defined in any bundle inside the placeholders.yml file, which is stored in the bundle’s Resources/config directory.

For example we can take a look at placeholders.yml of…

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Wer anstelle der ganzen Texte in den Bestellbedingungen (AGB / Widerruf) nur eine Variable verwenden möchte, um den jeweiligen statischen Block anzeigen zu lassen, kann dies im Standard nicht einfach durch die Verwendung der Variable wie z.B. {{block type=”cms/block” block_id=”agb”}} … Weiterlesen →
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Meanbee are growing; progressing along our vision of being industry recognised experts in Magento and eCommerce.

With this in mind, we're looking to find freelance ecommerce designers that we can work with on a semi-regular basis.

You'll be working with our team creating and updating responsive ecommerce sites. Internally, we like to use Sketch and Invision for the design process, and then Zeplin to provide handover documentation. It'd be great if you already know these tools but you don't have to if you have others that you prefer.

If it's something that you're looking for there's potential for it to turn into a employed position.

How to Apply

Shoot an email to with your CV, samples of your work and availability.

No agencies.

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Bing Docs delivers the energy of the Web to the wordprocessing variety. Unlike regular wordprocessing software, which only lets you change and watch documents on the pc the doc is preserved you are able to tinker with Google Docs on any pc that’s connected to the World Wide Web. Even though free company doesn’t offer fairly as many bells as or Microsoft Word, it includes a lot of basic editing characteristics, including backup and composite. The serviceis Website Clipboard copies photos and your text and makes them available for sticking, possibly between numerous documents and editing sessions. Directions Indicator into your Files account, and begin crafting a doc usually. Press at the passage’s beginning you’d like to copy. Proceed holding down the mouse-button, then drag your cursor over the wording. Release the mouse-button off when the ideal piece is highlighted. Click the “Internet Clipboard” image while in the Google…

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We are happy to announce the global availability of n98-magerun2 v2.1.

The new release contains a ton of new features and improvements of which we’d like to highlight the following:

Make your Magento2 Development Run Again

Magerun now ships with the first stable incarnation of code-generators. While others are still reading devdocs having a hard time creating boiler-plate code, N98-Magerun gives this beast the spikes. So before you loose your Magerun charge from Magento 1 development when switching to two, consider this new release and give it a try. This is a great addition both in size and functionality, all what is missing is your feedback to make it shine.

You find these in the dev:console command. I’m pretty sure Christian Münch will provide some more details on this new interactive tool when you meet him around the one or other conference. As first seen on Imagine 2016 (? wasn’t it Las Vegas?).

More for the Magento 2 Developers


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Perhaps you have imagined publishing a best-seller? A book centered on heroine or your figure’s idol? You can find experiences as diversified as Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Da Vinci Code, and The Color Violet in addition to many excellent action-adventure, thriller, relationship, illusion and literary books that utilize the vintage mythical 12-part journey from zero to idol as their basic plan assumption. When telling a powerful story you need to first identify variables. Learn how to start a story which will promote concern out of your audience. You must comprehend the guts and mindset of heroine or the hero. Recall, in almost any story that is great you must study drive and the idol’s personality since he should surpass his regular lifetime and become screened. The characteris separation from his earth that is common leads him to consider the mandatory plot to attain his aims. How this modification may and must arise at the quarter-point of the idol’s voyage…

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Have you ever seen a page with “There has been an error processing your request” when using Magento 1 or Magento 2? If no, you are lucky. This page is usually displayed when an issue appears in a system execution flow. Magento processes such issues by creating a separate report file in the var/report directory and by showing the error page with the details. You can also see a similar page “Service Temporarily Unavailable” when the maintenance mode has been enabled. Did you know that you can easily customize these error pages?

We must admit that “Service Temporarily Unavailable” is not a very user-friendly message. So we should put more information on the page, for example the maintenance mode hours.


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Die diesjährige Studie „Online-Marketing bei deutschen Online-Shops“ der Marketing-Agentur Aufgesang und des SEO-Experten Searchmetrics hat wieder einige interessante Ergebnisse ans Licht gebracht. Ein besonderer Wert ergibt sich durch den Vergleich mit den Ergebnissen der Vorjahre. Allerdings ist hier etwas Vorsicht geboten, da einige neue Kennzahlen wie etwa der Traffic von Youtube und Pinterest hinzukamen, während Twitter

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A stone walled altars, cairns, plazas and building ruins addresses and climb 700 feet up a mountainside over a half square distance of geography. Until middle – once the leaves slide, 1 can only just be viewed several feet away. Like similar websites while in the mountains of Belize, Mexico and Guatemala, Mother-Nature remains to cover up yesteryear; yet it is only moments from century America. Copyrighted VR graphic by Richard L. Thornton, Architect Blairsville, GA (Chattahoochee National Forest)– Historic paths that have rarely thought human feet for over 600 years suddenly have paths worn down their middle. Because the story of inside the December 21, 2012 dilemma of the Examiner the Monitor Steel Terrace Complex, the planet is just starting to learn about this historical zone, high in northern Georgia’s mountains. In its present state, the massive level of the initial area is difficult to appreciate, until the visitor spends hours of strong hiking down and up…

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JavaScript Fatigue is a real thing, and there must be rules & processes in place to help prevent it from happening to you. These are my thoughts.

Learn, don't apply

Learn new libraries, npm packages, and development methodologies, but don't apply them to your current projects until best practices are formed. This might take some time, hence the next rule...

Wait one year

Don't implement any library, package or methodology for a period of one year after it's initial release. The hurry to implement the latest & greatest is a big factor in contributing to your fatigue. Just hold the brake, and wait.

Avoid magic

Avoid projects that seem like they do magic even under the strongest of temptations, until you actually learn what is going on behind the scenes. Understand what is going on with your code, and code you utilize. That understanding will help ease your mind's fatigue.


Avoid implementing large libraries or developmental…

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Eben fiel bei einem Bündelprodukt auf, dass trotz vorausgewähltem Einzelartikel der Preis des Bündelartikels 0,00€ war, ebenso wie der Einzelpreis des enthaltenen Artikels. In der Kategorie und auch im Warenkorb wurde es jedoch korrekt angezeigt. Die Lösung war nun keine … Weiterlesen →
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Software assessment is an important area of the application development lifecycle (SDLC). To publishing it, screening an item of rule effortlessly and successfully is similarly essential, if not more. Application testing is nothing but uncovering an item of rule, to equally, managed and unchecked functioning conditions, in a attempt to basically observe the result, then study whether it’s prior to selected pre – particular conditions. Unique sets of screening techniques and examination instances are ready, which are directed at obtaining one purpose that is typical – eliminating parasites and errors in the signal, and making the software error-free, and able to giving correct and maximum result. There are several types of techniques and methods involved with this screening. At the various application screening techniques and methods which can be in practice today, we’ll have a look within the subsequent Buzzle report. Testing Methodology The commonly used…

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Wie bereits in vorherigen Beiträgen mitgeteilt (Beispiel HIER, HIER oder allgemein HIER), kann man mit der translate.csv eigene Übersetzungen für sein Template hinterlegen, die dann im Frontend angezeigt werden. Ab und zu funktionieren Übersetzungen in der translate.csv aber nicht obwohl … Weiterlesen →
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Immer wieder kommt es vor, dass laufende Entwicklungsprojekte von einem anderen Dienstleister übernommen werden müssen … oder sollen. Das ist auch im E-Commerce nicht anders. Für die operativ Beteiligten ist dies niemals einfach. Allerdings gibt es nicht nur gute Wünsche und Daumendrücken, sondern auch Best Practices, wie eine solche Übernahme sinnvoll zu gestalten und damit zu

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If you're following along over on the [Pulse Storm blog](, you'll know we've just released Commerce bug 3.1. This is mostly a bug fix/Magento 2.1 compatibility release, but there are a few new features hidden beneath the surface. A... Alan Storm
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Last year turned out to be very successful for the eCommerce industry. Both the revenue figures and the growing number of shopping apps confirm that the global eCommerce market is continuing to develop at a rapid pace. Future forecasts are even more positive. In 2016, for instance, global B2C eCommerce sales are expected to reach $1.92 trillion. By 2018, that figure may even be as large as $2.36 trillion.

These days, more businesses than ever are getting into eCommerce. While there are plenty of recommendations for how a new eCommerce business should start their venture, the following are seven essential rules you should keep in mind as you begin setting up your online store…

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Im Beitrag „Das Magento Commerce Order Management – Rule the Channels“ haben wir ausführlich erklärt, wofür das Magento Order Management eigentlich gedacht ist. Es verbindet alle Systeme in einer komplexen Omnichannel-Infrastruktur und managt den Transfer der Bestell- und Fulfillment-Daten. Das MCOM als eine reine Omnichannel-Lösung zu begreifen, ist aber zu kurz gedacht. Die Lösung lässt sich auch für ganz andere

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table.MsoNormalTable mso-tstyle-rowband-measurement:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style-parent:”"; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-profit:0in; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; Fontfamily:”Calibri”,”sans-serif”;} A student is much like an artist that really needs an enthusiasm to unveil his sensations when performing. We have many suggestion test dissertations as possible select. At Worldwide Project Support, we make sure that you would possess the great dissertation proposal test that would aid you to have excellent suggestion dissertation. – WE’VE ONE-OF-A-KIND AUTHORS It is a must within our organization to merely hire skilled authors who’ve master or PhD diploma. Furthermore, professionalism is essential to us because being buy a term paper qualified may give a result of proposition taste dissertation that’s all the important…

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One of the big changes for Magento 2 developers is the introduction of a formal, "semantic versioning" system to the platform. If you're a Magento developer and this comes as news to you, don't feel bad. Although [there's]( [been]( Alan Storm
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I'll show you a stupid fast and simple way to create an express app with NodeJS, then deploy it with Docker. All you need is a simple text editor.

Install NodeJS & Docker

Install node with n:

npm i -g n n latest

Install Docker by pulling out the appropriate build from

App setup

Let's now get our express app setup. Create a new directory and initialize your package.json file:

mkdir test && cd test npm init -y

Let's now install express:

npm i -S express

And set your main npm start script. Change the line that reads:

"test": "echo \"Error: no test specified\" && exit 1"

to this:

"start": "node index.js" App coding

And we'll create our index.js file. We'll keep it simple ;)

const app = require('express')(); app.get('/', (req, res) => { res.send('Cleveland Cavaliers are…